7 reasons why The Calls is the place to live

A riverside walk, a fine dining restaurant and all the bars you could dream of…
Here’s why The Calls is the place to live in Leeds

call lane

Firstly, the well-known night Life of Call LaneĀ is just a short walk away…

(Picture: Leeds List)


There’s the fine dining and unique restaurant Shears Yard nearby

(Picture: Shears Yard)


It’s located just beside the river Aire

(Picture: Morgans City Living)

victoria gate

And is only a 6-minute walk to the brand-new Victoria Gate

Picture: (Hammersons)

leeds minster

Not to mention, it’s in the grounds of Leeds Minster

(Picture: Wikipedia)

The Calls area

and is also surrounded by more independent restaurants and bars than you could ever wish for

(Picture: Morgans City Living)


and lastly, it is only a short walk into the centre of Leeds

(Picture: Visit Leeds)