New to Leeds 2017: A-Z guide

You might have noticed, Leeds has been a bit busy in 2017. And we don’t know about you, but we’ve found it hard to keep up with all the new places and spaces that have opened in the city centre this year.

From fancy restaurants and bars, to shops, hotels, events and just general ‘stuff’ happening in our amazing city, we’ve come up with a handy A-Z guide to the new additions that have made Leeds such a great place to be in 2017.

They are specific to this year only, and mainly in or around the city centre – otherwise this would be a really, really long list. We’ll probably, definitely have missed some – so let us know!

Our list is coming to the end, what do you think to our suggestions for V & W? Any more suggestions?

Victoria Gate Casino

Not that we promote gambling, but this swanky place is set to become the largest casino in the north, and only the third ‘super casino’ to be built in the UK.


Waterlane Boathouse

The guys behind Belgrave Music Hall and Headrow House took over the Pour House at Granary Wharf in spring. Enough said.


2 more days to go…