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I’ve lived in many places around the UK, down south in Kent and around London but I’ve settled in Leeds as I find this place engaging. It provides both, the vibe of a busy city as well as plenty of opportunities outside the city. There are number of lovely places to visit around Leeds, more than you would expect from a city with such a businessy feel. To pick some of my favourites proved to be quite a task (as there are so many) nevertheless I hope I picked the best. Sit down and enjoy.

Granary Wharf

Granary Wharf must be one of my favourite places as it provides plenty of variety. There is a Double Tree Hiltonhotel with the sky lounge. I enjoy sipping on a glass of chilled white wine by the river on a sunny day or drinking my cocktail on the roof with fantastic views of Leeds. The Hop is another place to go. Fantastic beer surrounded by contemporary décor listening to some kind of a band that always makes the evening one of a kind. Leeds is full of diverse little corners like this one, you can always find a new place to enjoy yourself with your friends.

Tropical World

Every now and then when I want to reconnect with nature, I visit Tropical World in Roundhay Park. You can either wonder around the park that is huge or you can visit the centre and admire colourful butterflies, various tropical fish and many others. My personal favourite are the turtles and meerkats.

2 Oxford Place

If you like an intimate surrounding and quaint café places, 2 Oxford Place is the place to go to. Coffees and teas are served in vintage tea cups and tea pots and the café is beautifully decorated in an early 1900’s style. The food is great as well, a perfect place for brunch.

Leeds Trinity

Leeds always provided plenty of shopping opportunities but since the Trinity centre opened, we, shopaholics, never looked back. The whole shopping area is now linked together, starting at Trinity all the way down to Victoria Quarter, producing an amazing shopping experience. It’s got everything!

The Corn Exchange & Leeds Market

The Corn Exchange and Leeds market are a must to visit. I always bob down to the local shops as I love the idea of supporting local businesses. What’s more, The Corn Exchange hosts quite a lot of vintage events and fairs where anyone can get the chance to stock up on quirky and unique goods.

The Botanist

Original, unique, quirky restaurant that serves fantastic food that’s always well presented. If you’re a beer lover such as myself, you will admire the unique selection of beers and ales they offer.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

My heaven on earth. I love to walk among the art, there is something about it that makes those silly everyday troubles disappear. What makes this place so special and close to my heart are herds of sheep and cows, which walk happily amongst visitors. In the middle of it all is a river, which is always surrounded by waddling ducks.

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